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Theatrical Facilities

Mainstage Theatrical Supply is the theatrical community's one stop shop for all their consumable and small equipment needs. Theatrical makeup, wigs and scenery making products, lighting accessories, backstage personnel aides, and various fog, snow, and foam fluids are just some of the consumable supplies that can be found at Mainstage. Mainstage's curtain fabrication services maintain an emphasis on quality and precision, making your new or replacement curtain exactly to your specifications. We work closely with you and your architects or engineers to help you budget, specify, and bid new lighting equipment, dimming systems, curtains, or rigging equipment. Mainstage provides a practical viewpoint on technical aspects of new or renovated performance spaces. We also provide recommendations on safety corrections for existing equipment, lamp stocking, maintenance of equipment, and repair services. Shown below is a small selection of completed curtain, dimming, rigging, and lighting projects.

Teatro del Lago
Sharon Lynne Wilson
Pensacola Cultural Center
Saenger Theater Pensacola
Nashville CT
Theatre Tuscaloosa
Mineral Point Opera House

Sales specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm CST to answer your questions. 
Please call our toll-free number to speak with a specialist in any of our locations: