The Dragon is Unleashed in Nonantum
The City began using the new snowmelter nicknamed "The Dragon" in Forte Park on California Street on Wednesday.  Click to read full article.

Dragon Melts Snow for Somerville
Somerville - With Assembly Square no longer a dumping ground for Somerville's snow, the city is using other lots and snow melters to dispose of plowed flakes, including the foot of snow dropped by Winter Storm Hercules last week. Click to read full article.

Dirty Jobs in Government
Blading snow onto the shoulder or into parking spaces is the first line of defense, but for a big snowfall, the stuff must be disposed of before it chokes off streets. Hauling it away is expensive, and dumping in into waterways puts road crud into the water.  Enter the Dragon... click to continue.

Snow Dragon YouTube Channel
Subscribe today!  The Snow Dragon YouTube Channel has just been updated to include LIVE Unedited equipment demo videos, user videos, tv spotlights, and contractor presentations!  To keep up to date on all video feed, hit subscribe today...Snow Dragon YouTube Channel.

Machine Melts Minnestoa Snow and its Removal Costs
The Snow Dragon - a giant mobile pot that cooks snow into water at 130 degrees - melts away snow to continue.

Dragon Melts Away Snow-Removal Costs
Workers gather in parking lot at St. Lukes hospital in Duluth on Wednesday for a demonstration of the Snow Dragon snow removal to continue.

Hartford Mayor Segarra enacts roof safety plan.
Street clearing procedures also continue with three storms in the forecast in the next seven says.  Snow Dragon SND900 will be used in priority areas as determined by Police, Fire, and Emergency Services.  Click here for entire article.

NY Times quotes Snow Dragon Dealer Vasso Systems!
From Humble to Majestic - the array of products out there to help with snow removal.  Vasso System in quoted in this article.

Conn. town turns to Snow Dragon.
There is more snow on the ground in Central Connecticut than anywhere else in New England.  To get rid of this mess, they turn to a Snow Dragon customer for assistance.  Click here to view entire article and video.

The Snow Dragon hits the streets! 
Click here to view video from CT News.

Minneapolis Digs out with Biodiesel-Powered Snowmelter.
After the collase of the Metrodome, the Snow Dragon helped clear the outdoor field at the University of Minnesota that the team would use for their postponed game.  Click here to view the entire article.

Snowmelting Services in NYC
Snow Dragon would like to congratulate Turf Plus on their snowmelting services in NYC.  For those interested in having their snow melted in the NY/NJ or surronding area, please contact Bill Hamilton today!

Melting Snow at Gillette Stadium
Congratulations HP Fairfield on a successful demo of melting snow at the Gillette Stadium.  For more information, please read Moving "Hot Tube" Melts Stadium Snow.

Snow Dragon to Melt TCF Bank Stadium Snow
GAME ON!  Fox 9 News Reports, Rushing to help prep the field for Monday's night football game.  The owner of the SND1800 snowmelter, O.J. Reinhart with Inerstate Removal is expected to be at the stadium at 1pm.  To read the entire Article, click here.

Snow Dragon to the Winter Rescue
The Star Tribune discusses the recent use the City of MN has with the Snow Dragon SND900 snowmelter.  Click here to view article and video. 

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