Snow Dragon® snowmelters are an economically viable solution to expensive and environmentally disruptive snow hauling, providing a cost effective alternative for snow contractors, facilities managers, municipalities and airport operations alike. 

For security conscious users, eliminating a convoy of trucks on and off a protected site allows for less outside intrusion.  In the post 9/11 world, the Snow Dragon® eliminates the security risks associated with hauling snow from Airports, as well as environmentally contaminated snow concerns, as it is retained and melted onsite.  The Snow Dragon® is portable so it can go to the snow – this means piles can be conveniently setup in various melting sites, instead of having to move the snow great distances to one designated snow haul area, to be handled yet again before it is finally taken away.  For many users sound and noise is critical for residential and shopping areas.  As a result, all Snow Dragon® melters are designed for quite operation.  Our solution is a simple one:  Melt It!  Don’t Move It!

Why Choose Snow Dragon?
The Snow Dragon® is revolutionizing snow removal with a patented snow melting process based on fire tube boiler technology.  This is a dramatic break from the industry tradition of heating water in a melting tank by firing a submerged burner which releases hot air and gas bubbles (a slow and inefficient process as most of the heat is lost when the bubbles reach the surface).   Add some snow and you have a giant slush machine, rather than a melter, as the water barely gets to 40F.   By using a patented designed heat exchanger in conjunction with 9,000,000 BTU/hr burners, the Snow Dragon® gets hot fast and maintains a melting tank water temperature almost twice that of traditional snowmelters, even in the coldest weather.

How Snow Dragon® Snowmelters Work
Within 15 minutes from a cold startup, the water temperature in the melting hopper rises to over 100F, heated by firing 9,000,000 BTU/hr burners into specially designed heat exchanger burner tubes, where heat is transferred to the water.  Snow and ice are then dumped into the melting hopper where warm water is sprayed over the snow to promote further melting.

Snow Dragon SND900 Snowmelter clearing stadium lot

As the water level rises, standpipes within the unit skim out particles while screens filter out dirt and debris, ensuring that storm water relocation systems don’t get clogged.  Water leaving the Snow Dragon® is cleaner than the snow being dumped in. 

How Snow Dragon® Snowmelters Save You $$$
While trucking, hauling, and dumping snow have been the typical procedure for snow removal, many factors including security issues, environmental restrictions, increasing trucking costs, safety issues with piling snow, and the increasing cost of fuel are making this option less practical.

Take for instance a football field covered with 6” of snow.  This would cost about $5,000 to remove with a traditional snow haul.  But, melt it away with a Snow Dragon® Snowmelter and you realize a savings of over 55%, which translates into over $2,800 you just kept in your pocket.  With a Snow Dragon® Snowmelter, all your tenant and customer parking spaces, as well as airport runways and parking lots, will be clear and available for less than half the cost of a typical snow haul.

Look for Yourself
So give up the haul and melt the snow, don’t move it!  At Snow Dragon®, not only do We Know Snow®, with our patented process we know how to melt it away faster than anyone else!  For more information on how Snow Dragon® is changing your snow removal forever, please contact Snow Dragon Sales at, or your local distributor.

Snow Dragon SND900 Snowmelter


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