Snow Dragon SND580 is the first manufactured snowmelter that can be towed to the top deck of a parking garage to melt snow.  With dual purpose in mind, the SND580 snowmelter can be towed to the top deck of parking garages as well as used on for standard snowmelting sites.  This rugged unit economically melts 18 Tons of snow per hour.  Measuring 16' in length, 6'3" in width, and only 6'2" can be towed by a properly sized Ford 150 or Dodge Ram 1500 or higher.

The Snow Dragon SND580 is designed specifically for snowmelting on the top deck of parking garages.  With more maneuverability than any other model, this dual axle snowmelter is low enough to fit inside parking areas (6'2") while at the same time light enough to be used on the top deck of parking garages (10,200 lbs with fuel and water).  Other features of this system include, one-man operation capabilities, plug and play components, quiet operation, built-in lighting system, and visual and audible alarm indication.

If your parking deck requirements are more stringent than what the standard model has, please contact Sales with your requirements as custom requests are welcomed.


  • 18 ton rated capacity per hour (Based on Latent Heat of ICE)
  • Burner output at 5,800,000 btu/hr
  • No2 Fuel Oil or Diesel Fuel Type for mobile units, Natural Gas available for stationary models
  • Fuel consumption of 30-40 gallons/hr (max)
  • Fuel storage capacity 200 gallons
  • Dual Snow Dump area is 6' wide x 6' high

Download the SND580 Literature and Specification Sheet or visit our SND580 Image Gallery for additional product photos.



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