The SND1800 is designed for companies that handle big commercial sites, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitals and large parking lots.  It economically melts 60 tons of snow per hour.  The SND1800 is a rugged unit commercially fabricated on a custom trailer, so you can go to the snow.  It's also available as a stationary unit.  The SND1800 is an easy to operate, dependable unit.  If one of the two, independent operating burners should go down during operation, the Snow Dragon will continue to melt snow, even while maintenance is being performed on the shut down burner. 

Easy access dual side loading is one feature with the SND1800.  The melting hopper tank is 20' long, with a 13' active area for dumping snow allowing ample room for the loader to dump snow.  Other features with this model include, protective guidrails, plug and play components, quiet operation, built-in lighting system, and visual and audible alarm indication.


  • 60 ton rated capacity per hour  
  • Burner output at 18,000,000 btu/hr
  • No2 Fuel Oil or Diesel Fuel Type for mobile units, Natural Gas available for stationary models.
  • Fuel storage capacity of 950 US gallons (larger fuel tanks available upon request)
  • Measures 48'10" long x 8'6" wide x 11'x11" high

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