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The Snow Dragon is the beginning of a revolution in the snow removal process. This patented (#7,814,898) commercial snowmelting system eliminates accumulated snow, even in the toughest conditions. Using the very latest advances in heat exchanger technology, this product presents an economically viable solution to the expensive and environmentally unfriendly process of physically hauling and relocation snow, for snow contractors, facilities managers, municipalities and airport operations alike.

Principles of Operation
Snow and ice are deposited onto a melting pan that is fabricated above a hot water bath, containing heat exchanger tubes.  The burner fires into the tubes heating the water, similar to a boiler burner type system. This creates a 100% totally enclosed system, thus not allowing any burner/flame contaminants to be introduced to the discharge or water bath.  As snow is dumped onto the melting pan, warm water is sprayed over the snow.  As the snow melts, it travels down the pan, through a screening process into the debris catch area and back into the water hopper to be re-heated.  Debris baskets are available to be used to clean out the excess debris during your snowmelting operation.  As water level rises, it travels through a weir system, separating the debris, oil and other non-soluble products, and then discharges under the melter.  You can park near or over a storm drain, catch basin, or hook up a hose and divert it to a secondary location.  At the end of your melting operation, any debris can be removed by the surrounding clean out doors.

Equipment Overview
Snow Dragon manufactures four standard snowmelters: SND580SND900, SND1800, SND2700, and the SND5400. Diesel fired portable snowmelters are the most popular models since you can move them from site to site as self-contained units.  Current portable snowmelters come with a debris catch area with baskets for manual removal of debris - even during operation! 

All Snow Dragons are also available as stationary units, in-ground, can be built to run on natural gas, or can be desined on a skid for placement on a roll away truck.  Whatever your snowmelting needs, Snow Dragon can customize the machines to your application.

Melting vs. Hauling
The typical snow removal process requires allowing areas for snow piles or hauling snow offsite. This practice has become less attractive due to variable factors such as rising fuel costs, scarcity of dump sites, increasing labor costs, loss of parking, as well as security, safety and environmental issues.

Currently there are places that have “green space” that allows the snow to be pushed and piled until such a time when the weather changes. However, most areas cannot wait for that time to come naturally. The increasing cost of real estate, loss of revenue with unused parking spaces and slip and fall issues all create demand to have the snow melted or removed off the premises.

If you are currently hauling snow, we suggest that you take a look at your previous winter seasons and compare your snow removal costs with the operating cost of a melter. Many times even when the costs seem to be close, the ability to melt snow onsite and offer these services puts you at the forefront of the industry and can allow you to diversify your business. Snow Dragon Snowmelters, when compared to hauling, can provide up to a 50% reduction in costs. You can contact your local distributor or SND Sales to take a closer look at your ROI (Return on Investment) and additional costing questions.

Shopping plazas, Malls, Industrial parks. all candidates for quick, efficient snow removal.
Schools, Public buildings, City Streets and parking lots. Easy to maintain and a proven ROI.
Homeland security has made it necessary to re-think snow removal for airports.

What Our Customers Say

We have sold several machines and my customers are impressed with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of melting snow as comparted to the old-fashioned method of hauling it away. Our success with Snow Dragon® has been gratifying and rewarding.

-Michael Baranov
Agrimex, LLC

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